It is situated just 600 metres from traditional Apollonia, near the center of the island, with an easy access to necessary facilities (supermarket,gas station at 100 m distance) and it will be the starting point of the exploration of this magical place.

  • 1. Platys Gialos

    This is a busy tourist resort with a long sandy beach and many facilities. Fish taverns and water sports line the beach.

  • 2. Chrissopigi

    Located on the southern side of the island, the small peninsula of Chrissopigi is among the most picturesque beaches of Cyclades. A lovely monastery is built on the rocks in front of the beach.

  • 3. Vathy

    This is actually a small bay with sandy shore and crystal water. The green environment creates a nice place to relax.

  • 4. Kamari Beach

    Kamares is a sandy and crystal beach surrounded by lovely hotels and taverns with stone yard right on the sea.

  • 5. Apokoftos

    Apokftos is a small beach right next to Chrissopigi. In fact, this beach has view to the moanstery of Chrissopigi built on the rocks by the sea.

  • 6. Vroulidia

    This is a small, secluded beach on the way to Heronissos, on the northernmost spot of the island. It is totally unorganized and provides the perfect place to enjoy some privacy.

  • 7. Dialiskari

    Dialiskari is a small beach that can be reached through a walking path from Artemonas. It is also known as Poulati, for the church of Panagia Poulati that is seen there.

  • 1. Sifnos

    Sifnos is located in the Aegean Sea and is populated by about 2.500 permanent residents. Sifnos’soil consists of rocks of granite, limestone, iron, copper, manganese. In the ancient times, Sifnos had gold and silver mines and quarries of Sifnian Stone from which the Sifnians created famous tableware. Many archaeological findings revealed the great power of Sifnos in minerals, ceramics and art. There are many sites to visit such as the Ancient Citadel of Agios Andreas, the Archaeological Museum in Kastro or trace the ancient towers around the island.