The gastronomy of Sífnos

The traditional cuisine of Sífnos consists of chickpea soup cooked in a ceramic pot called mastello (lamb on grapes sticks baked in a wood oven) and caper salad. You should taste the traditional cheese like manoura, a special kind of cheese from goat and sheep milk covered with wine sauce after being left to mature in big ceramic pots.

The fresh manoura and mizythra are kinds of fresh cheese which are served with salads and if you visit Sífnos at Easter time you can sample the sweet mizythra which is like anthotyro (sweet cheese). The sweets will impress you. There are cookies,cookies with anise, sweet bread, soft sesame sweet (pasteli), almond sweets, stuffed bourekia with almonds, loukoumia.

The honey pie which is mainly served at Easter and pumkin pie called loli made with yellow pumkin with cinnamon, orange, clove, honey and raisins. If you visit Sífnos in September, you can take part in the Gastronomy Cycladic festival 'Nikolaos Tselementes' which was named in honour of the native master chef whose name is synonym to many recipe books.


Sífnos as a hiker's paradise

Sifnos has an amazing natural landscape and is a small Aegean island hiking paradise. It is crossed by well preserved traditional stone built paths and there is a big number of beautiful, whitewashed chapels, churches and monasteries, where you can have a pause during your walking.

We suggest you two daily walking trails both of them starting from Apollonia to the top of the island. The first is a relatively long route in a magnificent wild landscape and is expanded to the southwest walking up from Apollonia to the sea near Vathy. For those who are more experienced and have more strength and time, the route can continue to Panagia Chryssopigi, a unique church on the south coast. From there you can get the bus back to Apollonia. The length of the route is approximately twenty kilometers.

The second route follows another amazing trekking route a smaller circle of ten kilometers that starts from Apollonia again, leads towards southeast to the spectacular village of Kastro and then continues up to the north along the coast to Artemonas. From there you can return to Apollonia or to the port by bus. Do not hesitate to explore the numerous routes that are offered and choose the one that suits to the level of your efficiency and time.